Sunday, January 13, 2008

One of 156 out of 1218 international cartoonists of 91 countries

Vasantha Hosabettu’s cartoon has been selected for the “Award Winning and Exhibited Cartoons” list of 24th Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition of Turkey.
Totally 156 cartoonists drawings are in the list. The cartoons are published in the XXIV. Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition Album
On this year 1218 cartoonist from the 91 countries participated in the competition. Theme of the competition was free.
Competition was open a professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world. 21 persons from India had participated in the contest.

Members of Jury of the competition were
Glen Baxter- United Kingdom (Chairman of the Jury)
Ltif Denirci- Turkey
Selcuk Demirel- Turkey
Peter De Seve- USA
Aristides Esteban Hernandez Guerrero- Cuba
Husamettin Kocan- Turkey
Julian Pena Pai- Romania
Tan Oral- Turkey
Norio Yamanoi- Japan

Third prize of the competition was bagged by C.B. Shibu of India. He got 3500 US Dollars (Nearly 1, 40,000 Rs) with “Golden Plaque of the Milliyet Newspaper”
The foundation had announced that it will cover the travel and accommodation expenses of the first three prize winning cartoonists for the award ceremony in Turkey
Other first three prize winners were
First Prize: Marina Markevitch- Rep of Belarus-8000 US Dollars (Rs. 320,000)
Second Prize: Dalcio Machado- Brazil-5000 US Dollars (Rs. 2, 00,000)
Angel Boligan Corbo- 5000 US Dollars (Rs. 2, 00,000)

Website of the Aydin Dogan Vakfi:

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