Saturday, October 13, 2012

News, photo in the Saint-Just International News dated Oct 2,12 issue( There was mention of Vasantha Hosabettu name in issue dated 1st Oct 2012 too)

News says: Vasantha Hosabettu, Indian, Ordonez, the Argentine will have
been busy throughout the first day of the week ...
Glued to their tables,
pens in hand,
pencils nearby..... 

Issue dated Oct 2,2012  contains photo news of Vasantha Hosabettu

 Full English transaltion from google translator of the newsletter dated Oct 2nd as follows
Salon, a genuine hive!
Everywhere, they were everywhere, young and old, accompanied by their
teachers in the aisles of the room: here, with Ordonez, being introduced to the
Technical caricature there with Puglia, explaining the drawing of humor, there
even with Vasantha Hosabettu, with newspaper cartoons in India ...

More than 500 young people have benefited from discoveries "custom!"
Among the exhibitions that are specifically reserved: Pin the Toons
Barrientos, elves and other magical characters Sabatier, rats
of Ushi Heusel ... What solicit imaginations! And enable
teachers an authentic work ...
Above, students of the College of
Palestel Dun ... as before the
painters famous advertising Ripolin ...
Below against the power of attraction
Pin Toons Barrientos.
Below, a little rest for Alex
Above, Puglia, Manu, and Hosabettu Ordonez; Below Vuitton Leneuf ...
young face!

The exhibitions "all audiences", some are
authentic history lessons:
Leander works on loan from the Musée Condé
on Noireau deWoop drawings, comic true story
of the 4th Republic, portraits of Marianne through
torments of years pass ...

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