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Translation of article about University for record breakers written by Dr. Vasantha Hosabettu published in Sudha, Kannada weekly, dated 20th April 2014

University for record breakers
Vasantha Hosabettu
Do you want to break a world record:?. Here is an university to help,

Which is the fastest running animal?
Which is the longest living animal?
 Certainly the answer is not Human being.
So each human being should do differently, that  too among with human beings. Then only it’s only worth to call as human being…, These are flow thoughts of Dr. Biswaroop Chowdhury, He is the Indian representative of World Records University
The above can be justified by his own achievements. Dr. Biswaroop Chowdhury  had born with hole in his heart For that he had operation at his age four. He had been warned  that he will not  able to do the normal   physical   works  in future
 But Dr Biswaroop Chowdhury had beaten the world record in pushups. He had beaten the record of a Canadian. He  had made  198 push ups  in  one minute and broken the Canadian record of  138   pushups per minute
Dr Bishwaroop had also broken the world  record of a German in memory section.
How this is possible?
If you want to know the secret of these , here is now a World Records University. This university now gets thesis from the world best record breakers in line of their preparations, their scientific way of methods adopted. It also records  their difficulties faced, how they faced it, their learnt lessons, cost incurred,  depressed moment and how they recovered from that…  and so on.
University  is of belief  that these thesis will help  the  aspirants of  the new world record breakers. World Records University   finally gives honorary doctorate  to  the record breakers  after scrutinizing their thesis.
 Head office of World Records University is located in London and is registered in the United Kingdom. It  has  branch offices in India, USA and  in Vietnam. The University is in now one and half years old
This year convocation:
This year convocation of University was hosted by Vietnam Book of Records. Convocation held at  Ho Chi Minh City on 22nd  of March 2014
I have given here the brief of Indian Honorary Doctorate recipient achievements of the current batch of convocation,.I hope their achievements will inspire you

If  you are viewer of Zee News you are familiar with name Sandeep Kochar. His fortune telling program started on December 5th 2006. It is regularly telecasting in  the morning slot  of  Zee News TV .
Sandeep  Kochar is star fortune teller  among celebrities. He fly all around   world all the time. In spite he has not lost of continuity  of  his fortune telling program, Till date records  his slot  10 days ahead of its telecast.

Rahul  G Kehwani 

Mumbai’s Rahul  G Kehwani is a creative  coin collector. He has 11111 coins of 25 paisa, Every 25 paisa coin carries of 1989  year mark. For this Keshwani has taken special permission from RBI. Keshwani also given more than 100 people the ten rupees notes with their date of birth as serial number. He has several special notes which has Gandhi’s birth day, death day, Amithab’s birthday ‘s serial number in his collection . His name is also in Gunniess book of records
Kumaran  of Chennai has played drum continuously for 56 hours. He is still at age 157.
World records University do not see the age criteria to give hononoray doctorate,
 University has a  view “When  most  person do not do anything throughout his life, why age  should we made a barrier to give  honorary doctorate?”
So 9 year old girl has given doctorate for her achievement.    She  could assemble and dissemble a laptop within 15 minutes and 23 seconds
Hemendra Bansal’s eye  one who is Major in Indian army is very sharp. He could could write with bare eye 5240,English Characters in half ground nut. He could write LOVE word , 1310 time
Women’s  are not also behind in breaking records. Vijaya Jyothi could dance on wire and plate for a long time. Dolly Das is practicing Assam folk songs for 45 years. She made a record by a event singing thousands artist together
There are record breakers with making danger stunts. Arun Thomas  of Tamilnadu has stayed in longest time in transparent  box.  Pune’s  Mayur Jeeth Singh could stop in one minute the  26 fans which is  running at a rpm(rounds per minute)
 of 790. Uttam Das has written whole bible  in reverse(mirror) language
Karnataka’s Sadananada Swamy has a record of gathtering 28000 school childrens for  a cinema shooting.
Aravind Gupta  New Delhi based pharmacist has built a temple for freedom fighters, He has collecte 230 freedom  fighters details ( one who are from 1760 and 1947)  and displayed their contributions in the temple

Vasantha Hosabettu, after receiving Honoray Doctorate from the World Records University

By the by this writer too had a world record.  He could write continuously for 218 weeks  a cartoon column  which dealt with theme  cartoon, cartooning and cartoonist


51 year bachelor Johnson from Kerala had entered Gunniess book of records by collecting  3109 candles. This was in year 2011. But this world record was broken by a person of Hongkong.  Now Johnson record is a national record, Johnson had travelled China for the aim of collecting the candle. He has candles of 12 different countries,
Dr Biswaroop Choudhry one who is Indian  representative of  World Record University has informed, if the convocation had held on February 22 as per earlier schedule  Indian honororay recipients could   had chance to meet the world record holders .  Refered other World Records Holders are from  Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia  Africa like other countries.
Feb 22nd event  was postphoned because of Vietnam book editor had a brain stroke on that time. But he could recover from that and attended the event March 22nd.
Yoga guru Baba Ramdev had also written thesis for  for  his world record of  addressing 10 core people.
He too has got Honorary doctorate from World Records University.

 (Translation of article about University for record breakers written by Dr. Vasantha Hosabettu published in Sudha, Kannada weekly, dated 20th April 2014

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